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Top 10 Self Storage Tips

Our Top 10 Self Storage Tips - SAS Self Storage, Blackpool

Are you looking for self storage in Blackpool or the surrounding areas? At SAS Self Storage we have you covered and in addition to this we have compiled our top ten self storage tips for your benefit. Wen you sign up for a self-storage unit it can seem quite intimidating to customers who have never used a storage unit before. As you are probably aware, there are an unlimited number of ways to pack a storage unit, below we have listed some handy tips on how to maximize your space:

1. Always Plan Ahead

It may seem obvious but this is the key tip to remember if none of the others… always plan ahead. Storing your household items or excess business stock thoughtfully can save yourself a headache in the near future. Always be sure to put the most used items or the items you know are going to be needed relatively soon, near the front of your storage unit for your convenience, it’s not rocket science but this will really help you with visits to your self storage unit when time is an issue.You want to get in and out as fast as possible, and this allows you to grab-and-go without having to move around boxes/items that are in your way. We know there is nothing worse than hunting for an item you know is in there, but could have been placed strategically from the start to avoid trashing your neatly packed belongings or even climbing over your stuff!

Extra Tip: If possible try to remember to label or write on your storage boxes with simple things like ‘Kitchen Items’ or ‘xmas decorations’ and keep an inventory of your stored items so you know if the item you are looking for is actually in your storage unit.

2. Always Pack Items Vertically

When packing your Blackpool storage unit you may be planning to store any larger items or furniture, such as couches, dining tables, chairs, dressers, or even bedframes and matresses, you might want to ensure that these bulkier, heavier items are stacked and optimizing the available vertical space. Standing these bulkier items on their end can help to optimize the under-used space thats available vertically and also allows you to fit more inside your self-storage unit. It’s a no-brainer!

Extra Tip: When packing your storage unit the most important thing to remember is to stack your larger items and furniture at the bottom of the pile. Always place heaveier items on the ground with smaller and lighter boxes and items on top of them. This will help to prevent any of your belongings getting crushed or broken.

3. Try to Use Shelving

When you look at storing anything in a storage unit, one of the first things to consider should be purposebuilt, sturdy shelving units or something similar. Firstly for the reason of safety of your items and secondly it allows you to cleary view everything at once without you having to move boxes from on top of other boxes.  Shelving in storage units can be essential if you are trying to store fragile items as the structure helps to protect them from other falling items, or from boxes beneath that might give way.

Extra Tip: Try and make the most of hollow spaces like inside wardrobes and dressers, suitcases and other bulkier items that could easily house some of your belongings.

4. Use Protection When Packing

It’s a natural thing for us all to want to protect out belongings, essentially protecting them from damage and the atmosphere whilst in storage. You should always take the time to properly package and wrap your items, wether it beusing bubble wrap, old newspaper scrunched in between ceramic items, blankets on top of furniture to stop dust landing on them or using the correct type of storage to prevent mould and mildew from destroying your soft furnishings. We would advise you to never store anything that might be perishable. This can lead to odours, spoiling of goods, which may also attract pests and insects.

Extra Tip: Don’t store anything that is really valuable. As a rule if you cant afford to lose it, dont leave it in your storage unit. At SAS Self Storage your items and belongings will be fine and there is absolutely nothing to worry about, however self-storage always comes with a risk, even though it’s a very small one. Items will undoubtedly get damaged or lost in transit to and from the storage facility. To be extra careful and safe we would advise you to keep all jewellery, artwork, heirlooms and high value smaller antiques with you instead of in your storage unit.

5. Always Purchase Insurance

One part of taking on a self storage unit that many people tend to overlook or are not aware of is the fact that it is either best practice or often mandatory to purchase an insurance policy for your items that are kept in storage to cover most eventualities like fire, theft or flooding etc. It’s always good to have the peace of mind that comes with having insurance for your items, another good tip would be to make an inventory of all of your items before storing them as this may assist you if you where ever to make a claim.

Extra Tip: You may be able to save some money… Check to see if your current home insurance covers for personal porperty being stored in a storage unit, you may not need to buy a separate policy and may already be covered.

6. Keep Some Tools Handy

Whether it’s a hammer, screwdriver, wrench or a box knife you will wish you’d have left some tools in your storage unit when it comes to assembling, dissasembling to transport or simply opening a box to reveal it’s contents, dont underestimate the importance of some simple tools.  Even a simple thing like putting together a shelving unit within your storage unit can almost become a non-starter without a scredriver or mallet.

Extra Tip: Smaller stools and foldable steps can also be handy to keep in your storage unit for reaching on top of shelves, piles of boxes and anything which may get stored on top of wardrobes.

7. Always Purchase A Strong Lock

When it comes to securing your self storage unit, a padlock is always required. This is something that you should never scrimp or try to save on as it is essentially the last line of defense between an opportunistic thief and your belongings. Sturdy, reputable lock manufacturers cannot easily be tampered with, even when storage facilities like ours have state of the art CCTV camera systems a good, strong padlock is the best deterrent. You also are the only person with the key to your padlock, we dont have access to your storage unit unless otherwise arranged and you can have the complete peace of mind that your personal items are under lock and key.

Extra Tip: We sell padlocks from many reputable manufacturers, blister packed and brand new if you forget, or havent had the the time to run to the store and buy one, please ask at reception for more information and prices.

8. Allow for Changes in Temperature

When you are storing your personal items in a storage unit it is important to remember that even though it is indoors there will be temperature changes due to the seasonal weather. Whilst this may not affect the vast majority of customers you should still plan for any possibilities that may occur, things like electronics can be a particular area of concern when it comes to moisture in the atmosphere, if they are not stored properly along with items like photographs and vinyl records etc. Some items may become affected by colder temperatures so make sure to wrap them multiple times to ensure they are protected.

Extra Tip: We would normally advise our customers to put any items which may be affected by moisture off the floor, for example on wooden pallets or on shelving units for the added peace of mind.

9. Don't Leave It Until The Last Minute

No two storage units are the same and when choosing storage units in Blackpool you should consider these key factors: Size, price, facilities, convenience and most importantly availability. Start your search for a storage unit early, consider each factor at length and shop around as it doesnt always come down to just price. SAS Self Storage for example are the only self storage facility in Blackpool that offers a free trailer service, where your items are loaded on and collected/dropped off which saves you having to book a van. When booking you should ask as many questions as you can as once you have signed up to a storage unit you are bound by a contract. It is always better to make an educated decision rather than rush at the last minute and not be happy with your storage arrangements.

Extra Tip: Make a list of the benefits of each of your storage company options, you may be suprised when comparing them as some look more expensive at first and may actually offer more value for money when you take in to consideration the facilities and reputation, but then as they say… you tend to get what you pay for with most things in life.

10. Make Sure Your Storage Company is Reliable

Are you looking to store your personal belongings in a storage unit in Blackpool? You are esentially placing your trust in a third party to take care of them. Even though you may not be storing anything of high value, it’s still very important to choose a storage company with a proven track record of reliability, security and care. Take the time to speak with your potential self storage facility, dont just go with a price driven attitude as there are multiple elements that should be considered when choosing. At SAS Self Storage we pride ourselves on offering the most modern, secure and flexible storage facilities on the Fylde coast. Please call us direct or pop in for a chat, we are more than happy to assist you with your storage needs whether it be long or short term.

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